What Is Game Time?

Game time is simply the amount of time we will provide you to play your chosen games within your booking period. This amount will vary from game to game depending on what type of game it is and how complex it may be to learn.

I’ve booked 1 hour, why do I only get 45 minutes of Game Time?

Your booking includes everything we need to go through before we can get you started, including:

  • Choosing your games if you haven’t decided before you arrive
  • “Safety Briefing” to ensure you do not damage any equipment or hurt yourself in the process of playing
  • “Controller Demonstration” so you are aware of what the buttons on the controller do for your chosen game
  • Getting the VR headset on, your first game loaded and connecting you to other players if you are playing a multiplayer game
  • Any game changes or player swapping in your time.

Provided you have arrived to your booking on time, we aim to deliver a minimum of 45 minutes worth of time actually playing the games before your hour is completed.

On the games list, they say Round Based, Level Based or Time Based. What do these mean?

When your 45 minutes time is finished, we won’t just cut you off. We like to let you finish whatever you are doing as best as we can, without impacting any bookings after you. How much extra time we can give you to finish however, is based on the type of game you are playing:

Round Based – These are for arena games that have a set time limit per “Round”. This means that we will allow you to finish the round and be awarded a winner before finishing your session

Level Based – These are games with missions, levels or chapters for you to complete. When your time is finished, we will aim to allow you to finish the mission you are currently doing

Time Based – These games are similar to Level based games but with a much shorter time to complete each level or task, therefore we simply apply a time to them. When your time is finished, you will be allowed to complete the activity you are doing

What about if I haven’t finished what I was doing within the booking time?

As mentioned, we will do our best to give you the time you need to finish your activity without impacting players for the next session. However, we feel this isn’t possible in the time allowed, then we will stop your gameplay approx. 5 minutes before the session end.