Pulse Gaming Lounge is one of few locations in the country that provides you with the opportunity to feel the fully immersive simulation of sitting in a professional performance race car. Our full motion racing simulator sits you in the driver’s seat, equipped with a virtual reality headset and a motion platform letting you feel the speed and g-forces of every corner, acceleration, braking and collision.

Know what it’s like to get wheel to wheel with other race cars as you push your car to the limit. Virtual Reality gives you the experience of being in high performance race cars, taking part in challenging races on some of the best race tracks in the world. When it comes to racing experiences, a motion simulator can take your racing to the next level.

What Is A Full Motion Simulator

Fully Immersive Racing Scenarios Through Motion & 3D Environments

The Motion System

Full Motion Racing Simulators replicate the experience of sitting in the cockpit of race cars through computer generated 3D environments and artificial movements. The seat is mounted on a platform and can provide the driver with a realistic feeling of motion. It’s not only the movements that are seemingly realistic. Our bass speakers will also make you feel the rumble of the engine in your seat.

Drivers feel the car’s movement precisely. To exactly replicate the sensations of a real drive, G-Forces must be simulated. To achieve this, a motion platform provides pitch and roll movements to the driver. For example, to simulate the start of the race, the seat is tilted backwards pushing the driver back into the seat, recreating what a driver would expect to feel in real life.

The Perfect Illusion

When coupled with the immersive visuals provided by virtual reality, all movements are accurately interpreted as force provided by acceleration, braking, cornering and collision. The movements also give driver feedback to let them know of understeer, oversteer, loss of grip and elevation changes.

Simulators like this can cost thousands of pounds to install, so much more than your standard static racing rig at home. This means the experience is next level and can really amplify your race session. This is the closest thing you’ll get to actually racing on a real race track.




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Commercial 4DOF Motion Simulator



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