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Get Competitive With Your Friends In Epic Head-To-Head Multiplayer Races


It’s time to get competitive with your friends and take to the track in epic F1 races. Don’t just watch the race. Drive in the pinnacle of motorsport while racing in some of the fastest performance cars. Go wheel-to-wheel race next to your friends on some of the world’s most famous race circuits.

Gather your fellow racers and get ready for lights out. We are passionate about racing and are always happy to work with you to ensure you have an exciting racing experience!

Simulators replicate real-life handling and variables like tyre wear. You’ll also feel feedback from the controls as you push the car to the limit. Racing sims aim to be as close as possible to reality – they are purpose-built to be accurate, which doesn’t necessarily mean easy.

Our simulator chairs are the same that professional F1 Red Bull Racing driver, Max Verstappen uses at home to practice and sharpen his skills. Featuring linked play to see each other on track, voice chat to be in constant radio contact with fellow racers and surround Triple Screen display for a more immersive driving experience.


The Tracks

Do You Want To Race Against Other Local Drivers In An Exciting New Racing Series?

Join Derby’s Only Sim-Racing ESports Competition

The Pulse Formula VRX ESports PRO Series is Derby’s fun and entertaining sim-racing event. Sign-up and prepare to go head-to-head against other F1 and racing fans in a series of points based Virtual Grand Prix races. Show off your skills and become #1 of the track as you race for victory.

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Enjoy the thill of the racing circuit as you go wheel-to-wheel with your friends in epic F1 races. Keep it casual and have a laugh or be a pro with the assists off to really show your skills, all racing skill levels are welcome. Played on Triple Screens with voice chat.

When you make an F1 booking, you get 3 races totalling 60 minutes of race time plus a private booth for you to enjoy quality food from our kitchen menu, all included!

Only 2500 per Driver


The Equipment

3 Professional F1 ESports Simulators

F1 Simulators VS Karting

Racing in simulators has a number of benefits and perks over travelling to your go-kart track:

  • Track Variety – You don’t have to race on the same track every visit. You could be racing on the capital of speed of Monza one race then take on the Red Bull Ring for an entirely new challenge and race experience. With 26+ tracks to master, you’re never short of choice.
  • Fair Competition – With go-karting, it’s a lottery as to how well your kart will perform due to maintenance, reliability, quality and how much you had for breakfast before the race. On our simulators, all of the cars are exactly the same, from fuel levels to tire wear, engine performance and weight. There are no unfair advantages and no excuses…just your skill to show others who’s boss.
  • Safe & Reliable – In an F1 Simulator, you can have the confidence of driving at 200mph without worrying about the consequences of crashing at such high speed. Simulator cars don’t break down or fault so when you pay for 1 hour of racing, that’s exactly what you get.
  • Comfortable – Anyone who has driven in a go-kart will tell you, they’re not the most comfortable of rides. Racing in a simulator is entirely comfortable so the only thing you have to focus on is making sure nothing gets past you on the track.
  • Cost – A lot of go-karting tracks can charge anywhere from 50p-£1.50 per minute of race time and most only offer Arrive and Drive sessions when you go as a small group with no race time. Our Formula One race simulators can cost as low as 16p per minute and you are always guaranteed a full grid of race opponents either with other players or AI racers.


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