Below are just some of the most asked questions we’ve had customers ask us during this pandemic. However if there is something you’d like to know that we haven’t covered, please let us know by contacting 01332 906604 or 07949 128711 and one of our team will be happy to help.

We want you to feel safe and secure when making a booking with us and to assure you that the only thing you’ll leave us with are great memories.


Can I still walk in for a session without booking in advance?

Yes, subject to availability. If the gaming activity is not in use when you arrive, you are welcome to use it.


Will you restrict the amount of people in the building?

We will be yes. For most bookings, the number of people in attendance should not be an issue. However, during extremly busy periods, we may ask that groups be limited to only 1 or 2 spectators.


What time do I arrive for a session?

Arriving 5-10 minutes before your session start time is still sufficient to ensure you’re booking starts on time.


Can I pay via cash?

You can, but contactless card payments are preferential.


If I’m showing cold/flu symptoms and need to cancel my booking, what happens to my payment?

If your temperature is above 37.8C, or are showing ANY cold and flu like symptoms on the day of your booking, please contact us as early as possible on 07949 128711 to let us know. We’ll happily provide you with a credit to come in at a later time that is convenient for you.


Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes on arrival. You will be able to remove your mask when sat at your private booth and during your gameplay periods. If there are other people in the venue, movement will be restricted and you’ll be required to remain either at your booth or in your gaming area. You’ll be asked to wear a mask while moving around i.e. to go to the restroom or go outside.


How are you going to ensure Social Distancing?

The gaming activities in our venue are sectioned and positioned an adequate distance apart from each other. When an activity is booked by you, our online booking system will block all the equipment for that activity for that period, regardless of how many players you booked in for your session i.e. if you only book 1 player in for Virtual Reality, both VR headsets will be blocked off. This means no one from outside your “bubble” you don’t know can play beside you.

When not gaming, you’ll be assigned a private seating area to relax in, either to take a break or to enjoy your meal if you order food. This will also be the seating area for your spectators.


Will areas of the venue be closed?

All of our gaming activities are open as normal under COVID secure operations.

With the new system, will I still have fun?

We haven’t had a need to change anything about the way we operate the gaming side of our business. It’s still the same entertainment now as before. The only thing you’ll notice differently is increased sanitation between equipment use.


Are you undertaking additional cleaning?

We’ve increased the frequency we sanitise equipment, now being in between each use. Our VR headsets are still thoroughly cleaned between use with anti-bacterial sprays and wipes. We wipe down the steering wheels and chairs of the F1 simulators, as well as the keyboards and mice of the gaming PCs. We also now wipe down the sofas and tables in between bookings.


Will I need to queue to use equipment/activities?

No, the equipment you have booked is yours to play on for the duration of your booking and no one else will be given access to use it. The only time you may need to queue is if a session is in progress when you arrive, you may be asked to wait in the lobby before entering until the current session is finished.


Will the toilets be open?



I’m not playing, can I still sit while my group/family/kids play?

Yes. You’re group will be assigned a private booth for spectators to sit in. Please be advised that seating is limited and is to be used by all members of the group, including players and spectators. During busy periods, we may ask that spectators be limited to 1 or 2 people.


Will there be food available from the kitchen?

Yes. Our kitchen is in full operation and you’ll be able to order and enjoy everything on the kitchen menu.


Can I book a party?

You can, but groups are restricted to 6 people in total are per government guidance.


Will hand washing facilities be available?

Hand washing facilities are available within the toilets and hand sanitiser is available on all tables and booths.


What measures do you have in place if one of your staff shows symptoms?

If staff show symptoms, they will be asked to remain at home and self-isolate. If too many staff become ill where we can’t operate and are forced to close, you’ll be contacted to reschedule your booking or get a full refund.


What happens if you or my area moves into Tier 2 or 3?

We have measures in place to ensure that we can continue to operate with only minor adjustments. You will not need to do anything differently. Should we move into Tier 2 or 3, bookings will be spaced out more and we may stop our food services. Players from different households playing in VR or F1 will need to sit in different seating areas when not playing but the rules will not impact your gaming experience.

Our Gaming PCs have a perspex partition between them and you may be required to continue wearing your mask while playing if you are in the same zone as someone not in your household.