What Is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality, or “VR” is a digital simulation of an environment directed towards the player in an immersive 3D image that can be interacted and engaged with in seemingly real ways. VR provides the ultimate gaming platform by putting you inside the game and the best part is, you don’t need to play games or be a “Gamer” to enjoy it.

With lots of games to choose, from being the survivor of a zombie apocalypse, to taking on an alien invasion as a bounty hunter, destroying an evil megacorporation in a cyberpunk resistance, defending fantasy castles from orcs and dragons or firing angry birds at annoying pigs?

Do it all and more at the Pulse Virtual Reality Arcade!

Who We Are

First opening in January 2018, Pulse Virtual Reality aims to change the way people view gaming through a variety of virtual reality experiences.

Our arcade is a social space for gamers and non-gamers alike, whether it’s casual players out for a good time or social people playing with friends, as well as the newest faces in the world of VR gaming! With performance Novatech gaming PCs and high-end Virtual Reality headsets, we’re sure to deliver you a quality experience. Play the most engaging multiplayer VR games with your friends, compete in player vs player free-for-alls, or kick back and enjoy your own thing in single player. Pulse Virtual Reality aims to be a place where people can come and enjoy VR carefree.

Pulse Virtual Reality vs Pulse E-Sports Racing

Our VR Arcade allows people to come and explore the world of virtual reality. We provide a variety of VR experiences where you engage with characters and interact with the environment as if you were really there. Featuring a wide array of games and experiences with different genres, skill levels and interactions.

The E-Sports Racing arena provides thrilling and entertaining Formula Series racing experiences on our F1 Simulators. Our centre features 3 of the official F1 simulator chairs used by professional F1 driver, Max Verstappen and the F1 E-Sports Series as well as high end force feedback equipment and widely used race simulation software, displayed on an ultra high definition 4K 47″ inch screen.

What We Can Offer

Our arcade offers 4 Virtual Reality Headsets which can be independent to play your own game the way you want to play it or linked for multiplayer so you can see your friends in the virtual world. We also provide racing experiences on our 3 F1 Simulators where you can race your friends in performance Formula One cars on world famous GP tracks.

Our arcade can be hired for parties as well as student organisations and corporate team building events. Enjoy a birthday at our arcade or enjoy a work social for an evening of VR entertainment!

Book today and see where we can take you here!

What Our Customers Say About Us


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